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Frequently Asked Questions

Do accredited Associates actually work for the IIB?

No, each Associate runs their own independent consultancy business / practice, most choosing to operate on a self-employed basis, though some also set up Limited companies. The Institute supplies the global infrastructure, methodologies, training, etc. and facilitates ongoing CPD and networking between Associates within the IIB Alumni™. Associates are therefore in control of their own hours, income and destiny without the usual controls and politics of employment.

Who are the typical clients of accredited Associates?

Although our Associates work with all size business, because by far the majority of businesses worldwide are SME, it follows that Associates' clients are predominantly independently owned small to medium sized businesses with less than 250 full time employees - and so include every type of business imaginable.

What is the IIB Business Support Programme ™ (BSP)?

Created within the IIB in 1991, it is ideally suited for independent businesses. Within the ‘BSP’ an MDO has access to the support from the complete IIB Alumni™ and can thus obtain a 'virtual board of directors' - with a lead Associate acting as a 'business friend', mentoring and facilitating solutions for all business needs - as and when required. The IIB Business Support Programme™ provides the client with a known monthly affordable cost to draw down on hours of support as and when required, and the Executive Associate with a reliable client relationship and income. Many such BSPs last for years as MDOs gain significant benefits from this.

Would I be working with one business at a time in any year?

As an Executive Associate you may be mentoring 10 to 12 different businesses at any one time, as well as being engaged by other Associates on specialist assignments for their clients. However, you have total flexibility and may only wish to mentor one or two companies. As an independent advisor running your own practice you are free to choose your own assignment load.

Would I have to re-locate?

You build your business wherever you want to be. Associates are free to work either from home, or an office wherever they wish and may often also become involved in global contracts.

Would I have to travel abroad?

Only if you choose to be involved in some of the many international assignments arising from the IIB Alumni™ - the worldwide exclusive community of Executive Associates.

Do I have to work full-time or can I work part-time or take on only occasional work?

It's your business, so you are free to attend appointments as and when you wish, thus working either part, full time, or occasionally. A number of Executive Associates have already taken early retirement or have other business interests so they choose to work part time. Others already have a number of clients and use opportunities and assignments from the IIB Alumni™ to 'top up' their workload. You control your own hours, income and destiny without the usual controls and politics of being employed.

What is the typical salary for an Accredited Associate?

Only employees get a salary. Associates are independent and run their own businesses and the income they generate is theirs - the Institute does not receive any percentage of an Associate's income, and expects that new Associates will quickly recoup their tuition costs and establish a profitable independent consultancy business.

What would be my earning potential?

It depends on how much time and work you wish to put in and how many appointments you decide to attend each month. There are Associates who achieve significant figures in their first year, but then there are those who do not! Starting your own business - working for yourself and building your own business whilst helping clients to improve their businesses, can be a challenge, but a rewarding one. The Institute's tuition and becoming part of the IIB Alumni™ provides unrivalled support and this certainly makes rapid success far more likely than going it alone.

How is someone selected as a suitable candidate for the CBDP?

The Institute applies rigorous entry standards and there is a four stage selection process before you can join a particular course intake:

  1. Consideration and assessment of your Curriculum Vitae / Résumé;
  2. Subject to your skills and experience, you may be invited to attend a Personal Assessment Meeting (PAI) and complete some assessments prior to the PAI with one of our recruitment department professional interviewers.
  3. On conclusion of the PAI, subject to the mutual decision of yourself and the IIB recruitment interviewer, your complete PAI assessment and the various other assessments completed will be passed on to the IIB Admissions Board (AB), made up of IIB senior regional directors in every continent where we are represented, for assessment and leading to a their final decision.
  4. The AB will formally notify you of their decision and subject to an offer to join the IIB being received, you will then need to decide if you wish to accept our offer.

What about some of the criticisms of the IIB on the web?

Having recruited almost exactly 6,000 senior executives in around 47 countries over the last 30 years, any organisation of our size and complexity is bound to have a mixture of opinions about us. If there was nothing there it would be an absolute miracle! However, as far as outright criticism of us on the web is concerned, we are only aware of 2 websites at the most where people claim malicious things about us, which we think is amazing after all these years. Furthermore, interestingly enough, on both those sites of malicious comments by somebody, we have tried to encourage the person who posted to contact us so that we can discuss their claims, but they have always refused to identify themselves. Unfortunately this is part and parcel of the world wide web where people for whatever reasons, be they somebody with a genuine or malicious grudge, or simply somebody such as a ‘competitor’ trying to cause mischief, they can all easily do it hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

We have read and heard of all sorts of claims about the IIB, including untrue claims of how we supposedly work and what our structure is, right to amazing claims such as the IIB charging over £20,000 to join us and taking percentages of all IIB Associates income for the rest of their lives in the IIB, as well as many other untrue claims made in order to dissuade potential recruits from speaking to us!

Unfortunately we have to accept that it’s all ‘part and parcel’ of doing ‘business’ in the 21st century, but we believe that the sort of business executives we would want as IIB Associates would also be the sort of people who will take the time to meet with us, look us in the eye and come to their own conclusions without being unduly influenced by what may be claimed on the web!

Does the IIB have many competitors?

This is a very interesting question, as although there are a number of relatively large companies which specialise in one or more of the services we provide for businesses, the only other organisations we are aware of which try to do a number of the things we do are probably less than a quarter of our size at the most and offer considerably less than our structure! So although we have a number of competitors who specialise in say mentoring, coaching, finance, marketing, cost reductions, Health & Safety, TQM, HR, international trade, or in any of the other 70 or so things we cover, we do not have real competitors who do it all. We are quite unique in many ways and remain amazed that there are still so many experienced business executives globally who still choose to buy into other organisations or even franchises which charge large amounts of money up front, take percentages and yet only offer one or very few of the services we offer our clients. Yet we even uniquely offer a very substantial minimum income contract to all new IIB Associates making us the only organisation we are aware of in existence willing to put our own money where our mouth/claim is! So we remain amazed at how many people choose to spend large amounts of their money and on-going income unnecessarily and all without any guaranteed income! So taking all that into account, we are quite unique!

How do I find out if I am eligible for the CBDP tuition– what's the first step?

Send us your CV / Résumé to register your interest.and we will contact you.

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