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What's my Role

As an Executive Associate ( AInstIB ) you will be operating your own independent consultancy / advisory practice under the ‘umbrella’ of the IIB Associate identity while becoming part of the unique global community of Associates to support any work you do.

Your role will be to support and advise Managing Directors / Owners (MDOs) of mostly small to medium sized businesses. Your appointments will generally be with an MDO who wishes to speak to an IIB executive Associate about their business problems, needs, concerns, or plans. On average this initial appointment normally lasts between 1 to 3 hours.

Your experience combined with training provided by the Institute and our methodology, will enable you to provide support and mentoring whenever and wherever business owners need it. Becoming part of the IIB Alumni™, with access to the global network of services, knowledge, skills, experience and contacts - you will have what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive business support infrastructure in the world to help you and your clients.

You may be mentoring up to 10 - 12 different businesses at any one time, as well as being contracted into other accredited Associate's clients on specialist assignments or on projects with teams of IIB Associates. However, you may wish to mentor a smaller number of businesses. Associates are free to choose their own assignment load and to work on a part time or full time basis.

By working as an IIB Associate on a self-employed basis, you have the freedom to control your own hours, income and destiny without the usual controls or politics of employment.

Some accredited Associates have already taken early retirement and only want to work part time. Others are experienced consultants with an already established client base who use the IIB to top up their workload. Some end up working closely with a single client, choosing to take a permanent executive or non-executive director role with clients.

Still others join the IIB in order to integrate the IIB skills and services into what they are already involved in doing either as pre-established consultants or business owners and wish to use the IIB to enhance what they are already working on or can offer.

It is this very flexibility that makes running your own independent consultancy or advisory practice as an IIB Associate so attractive, with the training and methodology provided by the Institute and the support of the established network of Associates, enabling you to grow your business more quickly and offer unlimited services and support than that possible if going it alone or within a smaller group.

To find out more, please do have a look around this website. If you want to go to the next stage – just send us your CV/ Résumé to register your interest.

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