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Privacy, Copyright & Legal Notice

Personal information collected on this website

If you are interested in becoming an independent consultant / advisor accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (the "Institute"), becoming part of the IIB Alumni™ and benefitting from being part of the global network of Executive Associates, we need to obtain certain information about you in order to process your application.

This means not only your name, address and contact details, but also your CV / Résumé.

We take privacy and data protection very seriously . Please note that:


A Cookie is a small file created on your PC by a web server application, used (for example) to identify you or your personal preferences. The Institute does not use cookies on this website.

User Statistics

We do keep unidentified statistics on how many visitors read specific pages and details on times and dates of visits and time taken to view pages in order to improve our website. This data does not however track your individual use of the website nor does it identify you.

Copyright and information available on this website

Permission to use information and documents (including but not limited to documents, frequently asked questions, information about the Institute and its operations, resources and press releases, hereinafter referred to as 'Information') from this web site is granted, provided that:

  1. Any copyright notice (e.g. that of the Institute) that appears is retained (including on any copies), and the Institute is quoted as the author;
  2. Use of such Information is for information purposes only and for your personal or non-commercial use;
  3. Information must not be copied or located on any website, bulletin board, network computer or published in any media, and no modification of any Information may be made without the express and prior written permission of the Institute.

The Institute and its suppliers make no representations about the suitability of the Information published on this website which is of a general nature. In all cases we enter into personal interviews with applicants to assess the suitability of any individual.

Associate activity in the IIB Alumni™ is by Associates for Associates and not Institute activity. Associates accredited by the Institute are independent - they do not represent the Institute. Many independent Associate websites are available and searchable on the internet (world wide web). As an example, within IIB Regional Groups - see an example of accredited Associates working together on a local or regional basis.


The following are trademarks of the Institute and any reference to these must include the trademark symbol (™ ) and include a footnote clearly visible identifying these as being trademarks of the Institute for Independent Business:


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