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What Rewards?

As an Executive Associate running your own independent consultancy business you can enjoy the satisfaction, the fun and the unlimited income which comes from using a proven methodology to achieve significant results for your clients, yourself and your family.

Though guidelines are given, client fee rates are determined by the Associate in consultation with the business owner to in order to enable the client to achieve the maximum benefit from joining the IIB Business Support Programme ™ or as a result of the agreed project.

This enables Executive Associates to deliver true value to businesses and to receive the significant rewards that go with achieving significant results. Many Associates choose to take on a workload and income level that puts them in the highest paid executive levels while others choose to enjoy more leisure by working on a part time basis.

Being a business friend to your clients, retaining your independence, while having access to the worldwide IIB Alumni™ encompassing every conceivable area of expertise that you and your clients might need, is indeed a winning combination.

With clients staying on the IIB Business Support Programme ™ for anything from around 2 to 3 years and up to more than 10 years, we believe that the effectiveness of our programme and benefits for clients clearly speak for themselves! Such long term relationships also mean that our Associates who consistently use the IIB Business Support Programme ™ for clients need far fewer clients as clients often stay for years on the programme, rather than months!

To find out more, please do have a look around this website. If you want to go to the next stage – just send us your CV/ Résumé to register your interest.

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