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Institute for Independent Business (IIB) testimonials

What RBS Graduates say about the CBDP and the IIB network

Associate Testimonials

"I graduated from the CBDP and found the The IIB training mitigated two major risks for my start-up business. First, the course re-oriented my previous experience of dealing with large corporations to handle the entrepreneurial mindset. This enabled me to close business in 1-2 meetings versus selling over a 3-6 month period closing larger deals. I do not spend anytime producing proposals either. It's easier, faster and much less expensive to close a 16 hour per month consulting engagement rather than a $100,000.00 or more deal. Second, having access to thousands of accredited IIB Associates from virtually every industry and consulting specialty allows so many benefits such as: quick access to experts, selling to any type of company even if I do not know about the industry and my clients benefit greatly which gives me a market differentiator compared to the competition. For example, I was up against two other competitors for an $8M client three years ago. One was an industry consultant and the other was a franchise consulting group. I knew very little about the industry. However, after 2 meetings I closed the deal and they continue to be my client for over 3 years. I have subcontracted work to a half dozen IIB associates over that timeframe for this one client. Even if I do not stay with my business and decide to go back into Corporate Life, the IIB will be a market differentiator because of the network. You can't buy better consulting through any other type of organization. I know because I've worked for several elite management consulting firms over the past 20 years."

Stacy E. Himmelspach, In-Sight Advisory Services Inc, Michigan, USA

"I have built a successful business over the past six years. I have worked hard, however without the incredible support of the global network of associates and their knowledge and in-put, I would not have been able to assist my clients appropriately. Not having to be all things to all people, and being able to admit to that fact, allows me to have extraordinary personal power in my dealings with business owners and I say proudly, there are IIB associates available (globally) able to fill the "I don't know gap" in my knowledge base and skill set."

Neil Fairley, CISS, Brisbane, Australia

"I was offered the opportunity to go through the CBDP and in order to finance the cost, I took up a bank loan over three years. The loan was repaid in eight months, and I never looked back since. The international network is second to none, and I have benefited tremendously from the ongoing training offered to Associates."

Erik Jorgensen - Birkerød, Denmark

"I became an independent consultant with the help of the IIB and that is the primary reason I am now financially independent and semi-retired. The IIB provides not only excellent training but a framework for thinking that is totally client centred and which will be a major contributor to your success."

John Humberstone, Business Partners Group, London, UK

"I was accredited by the Institute some years ago. My BusinessAdvisory / Executive Coaching practice is booming. The colleagues in my IIB regional group are my "go to" team to provide my clients with any expertise I lack personally. Just the network of IIB Alumni around the world alone is worth the price of admission. Thanks to the network, I have worldwide experience and expertise in every industry imaginable at my fingertips."

Steven F. Miller, Business Strategies Group, LLC, New Jersey, USA

"I was accredited by the IIB and cannot praise them highly enough. The Residential Business School is excellent, the IIB method is second to none and the payback on my investment was remarkably fast. It's a no-brainer. I still regularly use the outstanding Associate network and am able to command fees some orders of magnitude higher than I would have done without the IIB."

Roger Harrop, Roger Harrop Associates, Oxford, UK

"I have found the IIB useful in several ways over the last 10 years. Firstly, it helped me to establish a consultancy which led me to the opportunity to participate in the development of a very successful UK wide business providing occupational health services. Since this was sold, I have launched a new multinational occupational health venture and IIB associates from several countries have been instrumental in helping with its launch. Having such good contacts in so many countries is a major asset for both associates and their clients."

Jim Brannan, Bcerta, UK, Glasgow, Scotland

It became evident that working on my own became a new career objective. My business background was varied and, like many other senior business executives, I was specialized in marketing, advertising and sales, and I knew that I could help just about any type of entrepreneurial business owner with their business issues. I wanted to help business owners and CEOs but I did not have a complete set of resources at my disposal. I completed my IIB Residential Business School and it provided the training to secure new business from total strangers. I put my networking skills to work and was able to confront any business issues that were challenging my clients with the knowledge and confidence that the IIB global network was always able to respond in a timely and professional manner to all my requests for assistance. Without the IIB, I would not have been as successful in my business advisory."

Andy Roy, neXus management Solutions, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"I went through the CBDP nearly 16 years ago and the majority of my business still comes via the IIB network. The cost of the course seemed daunting at the time but it turned out to be the best business investment I have made."

John Mercer, Net Communications, Maidstone, Kent, England

"It is an inevitable fact that due to the continual global shift in business landscapes, the value and importance of the Small and Midsize businesses, as the backbones of the local economies, are becoming more evident. Yet, when it comes to adapting a structured business and management approach, it is a well known fact that the key decision makers of Small and Midsize businesses are mostly relying on their entrepreneurial intuitions rather than adhering to the coherent principles of the dynamic business and management approaches. Furthermore lack of local government support consequently lowers the percentage of success and rate of survival among Small and Midsize businesses. I personally found the most coherent and practical solution in the Business Support Programme model pioneered by the IIB. Moreover, by relying on the in-depth wealth of expertise of the network of Accredited Associates and their sincere caring for resolving the business issues on hand globally, collective practical experience with many of my clients from all walks of business life has been a proven fact in the adaptability of this business model for supporting a business from inception, throughout the ramp up phase, to a final stabilized business growth."

Rahmat Ushaksaraei, Accrete, Mississauga, ON, Canada

"I found the IIB model provided the missing recognition for my successful generalist background in senior business management. In the IIB, I found a business model that accentuated my experience in leading large segments of businesses while giving me access to the specialists to solve the problem areas I discovered within SMEs. The IIB helped me move my thinking from that of a focused specialist to that of a valuable generalist who could really work with SME owners on their level and with mutual respect."

Peter Coleman, Vision Unlimited, LLC, Minneapolis, USA

"Before I went through the Residential Business School in Watford, I was already convinced about the need for advisors in the SME market, but was struggling to believe those would be willing to open their doors for external people to come in and help them. I was astonished to see how interested SME managers and owners were in the IIB approach, once exposed to it, and how well it fits their needs. SME owners and managers are used to fixing their problems by themselves and hardly ever ask for help. Yet all those I started working with who saw this as a temporary solution to get over a short term issue can't imagine anymore ignoring the advantages of the Business Support Programme, and look forward to a collaborative future."

Nady Bilani, Bilani Business Solutions, Brussels, Belgium

"As a consequence of my IIB association since I was accredited I have not only established a thriving consultancy business with dependable income but Ienjoy daily the rich blessings of a network that facilitates an incredible invitation for balancing challenge and support. I remain humbled by the diversity of opportunity and depth of talents available to all who are privileged to participate as IIB Associates."

Paul Hartnady, Red Dot Business Learning, Cape Town, South Africa.

"The IIB accreditation gave me the clout I need to gain a client's trust in my capabilities. It also provides me with a pool of proven expertise when and if I need it, to honor the clients' trust in me. I knew I wanted to grow my business advisory so I could do more for clients to help them succeed, but I recognized the limitations of being a solopreneur with an expertise in one or two areas when they needed help in all business areas. I did not aspire to the business model of an office staffed with experts that required a large investment of time and money. I searched for an organization that could provide the foundation of experts that I needed to serve clients, without the investment of staffing an office. There are several models types out there from networking groups to franchises. After reviewing the options, I felt IIB accreditation offered the best of both worlds."

AJ Van Wallendael, WMS LLC, Seattle, Washington, USA

The global IIB networking system opened my business an access to a wide horizon of business opportunities totally new to me. I have never before been aware of such a vast spectrum of business making possibilities. This was the best investment I have ever made in my own business. Joining IIB was a lucky decision. Even now I am still learning new ways to utilize this commercial tool."

Gavriel Gery, Gery Engineering(HA)Ltd, Nahariya, Israel

"Having taken early retirement from the corporate world, I decided 3 years later to re-launch my career as a Business Adviser by investing in the CBDP. It was a big step but with the extra skills and invaluable network provided by the IIB, I have never looked back."

Richard Houston, Premier Business Advisors, Southern Cape - South Africa

"As a security business specialist I conducted rigorous due diligence into 12 other global business consultancy groups before I approached the IIB. I found the IIB to be the organisation most geared towards helping their associates succeed. I can confidently state the IIB under promised, and over delivered on every level. As such, I consider my training investment with the IIB to be one of the finest financial investments I have ever made in my life. Nearly six years on and the IIB network continues to amaze me with the support provided to associates globally."

Dr Mark D. Yates, Security One Stop Shop, Liverpool England, Alabama, USA

"After relocating to Brisbane for family reasons, I found that despite my skills, qualifications and experience - no job offers came my way. It was with very hesitant steps that I contemplated the "last resort" of being self employed. I had been well satisfied in my roles as a company executive and owning a fish and chip shop (the extent my finances stretched to) was not overly appealing. I realized my limitations were centred around communication skills, being completely alone in a new city, and having no idea how to market myself. I sought out the tools that I needed and it was the IIB that I felt could provide those tools. Since I became an Associate I have built a great business, and it's been on the strength of fellow associates and the confidence gained by learning from experts. Sooner or later all business advisors get asked if they would like to re-enter corporate life. I have been approached, by clients and referrals to join their organisations. The great thing is that I have not needed to get back into corporate life."

Kevin Lovewell, Corporate Solutions, Brisbane, Australia

"I have developed a useful network of IIB colleagues in my own area and beyond. I have provided work for some and gained work from others; the system does work although you do have to put the effort in as you do with anything. The power of the network is such that I am always confident of being able to find answers or help for clients from the "brains trust" and I can usually find specialist skills that I lack fairly close to home. I have developed other contacts since I set up some years ago but my IIB networks are fundamental to the ongoing success of my business."

Rod Higginbotham, Ashcroft Business Consulting, Essex, UK

"I went through the RBS, still with a mortgage to pay, so the investment had to pay off for me. In the first twelve months after graduating from the CBDP I turned over £118,000 so easily recovered my investment. My business continues to flourish even in the recession and I would recommend the IIB to anyone. The harder you work the more you get out of it but that applies to everything."

Ted Clarke, Fraser Clarke, Surrey UK


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