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How does It work

The Institute supports all its accredited Associates with access to:

As a trained and accredited IIB Associate you will have all the advantages of operating your own independent consultancy business, while having the global identity and support of the exclusive global IIB Alumni™ at your disposal. Informal local groups of Associates provide networking support as well as IIB Regional Groups for additional Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and business-to-business opportunities. The Institute provides an extranet, email and forum to facilitate communication and networking between Associates, the exchange of ideas and the sharing of expertise.

Executive Associates work with business owners, mostly within the small to medium sized business sector, using their training, their existing experience, the IIB Alumni™ and the proven methodology of the IIB Business Support Programme™ to develop an extensive and profitable client base.

Executive Associates can enjoy the satisfaction fun and the high income which comes from being a ‘business friend' and helping clients define and achieve their own vision of success.

The Institute's Consultancy Business Development Programme can offer a stepping-stone to building a successful independent consultancy business and the lifestyle that goes with it.

To find out more, please do have a look around this website. If you want to go to the next stage - just send us your CV / Résumé and we will contact you.

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